1. Karan singh

    Jan 10: 2nd session: GS que
    [ Ignited mind kiska likha hua book h
    [ Oscar ka best co-actor ka award kise mila..??
    [ Lal grah kise kehte hain
    [ Rashtrapati rajsabha me kitne logo ko manonit karta h
    [ Alfa kan k bare me kya satya nhi h- iska wedhan chhamta uchha hota h
    [ 1 IP address me kitne Bits hote h
    [ Firoza kis khanij ka ayask h
    [ Chandangiri ka kila kis rajaya me h
    [ Bacteria ki khoj kisne ki
    [ Olympic me padak jeetne wali pehli bhartiya mahila hai..
    [ Prithviraj chauhan k pitaji kaun the
    [ Vermiculture me upyogi hota h
    [ Duri = ? (Samay × chal)
    [ Babar k putra ka kya naam tha..
    [ Padarth k prinam ko kisme vyakt karte hain..
    [ Steam engine ka aavishkar kisne kiya tha
    [ Auxikaran abhikriya me kya nhi hota hai.. optional
    [ Hasya gas ki khoj kiske dwara kiya gya..
    [ Jiske vikas k liye sahlagnta ki jarurat nhi hoti h..
    1. Andanu
    2. Bijand
    3. Sperm
    4. ….
    [Wah mad jispe kiya gya kharch vikas karyo ki ginti me nhi hota
    1. Samajik vikas me kiya gya kharch
    2. Surksha sambandhi kharach
    3. Industrial vikas par kharch
    4. Aadharbhut suvidhao par kiya gya kharch
    [Tibiya fibula haddi sarir k kis ang me payi jati h.. pair me

  2. babai


    **General Intelligence
    1. matrix problem of PRIME(Probable ans no 1 option)
    2. Odd one out- newyork/los angels/sydney/washington(probable ans sydney because except sydney all are city of usa)
    3. graduate,doctor,professor related ven diagram (probable ans- doctor and professor will partially merge inside graduate, because both are graduate and some doctors are also professor of any medical college)
    1. sin 330 (ans -1/2)
    2. sin A – sin B (ans- 2 cos A+B/2 sin A-b/2)
    3. mark price 1200, selling price 960. discount=? (ans- 20%)
    4. at least 2 pair of consecutive angles are equal?(ans- isoscle trapezium)
    5. DI question about no of girls and boys in engg and medical?(ans probable 22.8%)
    6. 1/(tan A + cot A) = X then X =? (ans- sin A cos A)
    7. x-y=11,xy=24 then X^2 + Y^2 =? (ans 169)
    ** english
    *error detection
    1. those sort of > those sorts of
    2. taller than me > taller than I
    3. one of the greatest men > no improvement
    4. venezuelans were being deprived > Have been deprived
    5. voice > ans with Had to be
    6. narration > the girl asked me where the school was
    7. sweep over so as to completely cover > engulf
    8. to take someone/something quickly > rush
    9. genre > category/ one kind of
    10 turned a blind eye > pretend not to notice
    11. turned a blind alley > doing something that ends with nothing
    12. cloze test –
    Not so long ago, virtually everyone seemed confident that a sizeable majority of British voters would reaffirm their faith and confidence in a united Europe. Unfortunately, what was considered to be a remote possibility has actually become a very grim reality. A small majority of voters have opted to take Britain out of the European Union
    *probable blanks are-
    not/confident/would/grim/have opted
    **General Awareness
    1. nagorehole biosphere reserve > nilgiri
    2. lok sabha minimum age > 25
    3. mean temperature of earth > 16
    4. hellicopter invented > sikorsky
    5. designer of india gate > Edwin Lutyens
    6. who made first 300 > virendra sewag
    7. bahadur shah birth year > ans is 1700 something option
    8. first american president won nobel peace prize > Theodore Roosevelt
    9. if water smells bad which substance used to clean > bleach
    10. ice melt into a vessel then level of water > remain unchanged

    thats all i remembered… hope it will help you… thanks……
    ………………………Babai Chakraborty…………………………..

  3. Bhupen roy

    Dear sir,
    With reference, l have not found my admit card. my exam date on February 07 / 2017 . Please give my admit. My roll no. 5105045330 or registration no. 63004749173

  4. Dolly Kumari

    Sir result kab ayegaaa plzzzz bata do jaldi 😑


  5. Sir mera admit card kho gaya h ab me kya karu koi solution batao


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